November 15th - December 2nd 2006

New Work by


The ideas for this jewellery started with a couple of drawings of spirals. I decided to try making the spiral with a long strip of paper, before making it in silver.   After I had worked out the length and width for that piece, I thought it would be fun to see what else I could make using the long strips of paper. I tried out many ideas before deciding on these 5 designs. All are made from strips of Sterling silver; 10 mm wide, rolled to between 0.3 and 0.15 mm.   All the pieces are approx 5cm wide and can be converted to a brooch using a separate brooch fitting.

Sterling silver Coil/Flower/Folded/Decoration/Spiral brooch/pendants $327 - $365 each


For the next idea I wanted to use chenier, I used some to make an ear-ring once and enjoyed thinking about angles and how to join it.   I bought myself a packet of straws and played around, coming up with a few ideas based on a square, so thought I would use this as the basis of the next 5 pieces.


Square sterling silver necklaces $309 each


The letters are collaboration with a friend of mine Lisa Harman, who is a painter and is also my jewellery assistant.   She makes large letters out of wood and applies paint finishes to them.   This gave me the idea of recreating them smaller and instead of a paint finish; rolling material into the silver to produce a pattern.   We tried out many different materials; man-made and natural, this is one of the ones that worked well.   I choose the older style font, as I wanted to antique the silver and thought this would work well. I envisage these pieces being symbolic of a meaningful word (examples below each piece), bought for yourself or as a gift.   When not being worn they can be hung on the wall as an art piece and a reminder of their personal meaning.

Oxidised sterling silver & brass Letter pendants $275 each


The rings started as an idea of using large CZ to make very bling rings, but I wanted to do something very different with them.   I had the idea of making them move but wasn't sure how to do it.   Initially I thought of having a ½ round base, but when I came to make them I tried the cone and thought it was much better.   I like the way the cone is an extension of the cut stone, and also keeps the ring from being too bulky.

Sterling silver & cubic zirconium rings $275 each


I have enjoyed setting myself the target of 5 pieces because it has meant I have had to keep on working an idea to come up with fresh designs, trying to stay away from the obvious solution.

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