FLAGS New brooches by LISA WEST


November 6th to 26th, 2009



I'm intrigued by flags; the motifs and colours chosen to represent and unite a group or country, what those images symbolise and how they are interpreted by the viewer.

Flags can inspire strong emotions; patriotism, militarism and religious fervour.

My Flag Brooches are compositions of shapes and colours that use my language of symbols to tell stories about imaginary places.




Bar brooch / crescent and fantail

Silver, mother-of-pearl, malachite & black tigereye $855


Bar brooch / moth

Silver, mother-of-pearl & malachite $855


Bar brooch / waxeye & star

Silver, mother-of-pearl, jasper & malachite $855


Bar brooch / stylised dove & flower

Silver, mother-of-pearl, jade & brown tigereye $855


Cross brooch / MoP flower, lapis heart & plant

Silver, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli & chrysoprase $900


Cross brooch / moth & flower

Silver, mother-of-pearl, black tigereye & brown tigereye SOLD


Cross brooch / silver fly & MoP flower

Silver, mother-of-pearl, red jasper & chrysoprase $900


Cross brooch / silver shag & MoP flower

Silver, mother-of-pearl, carnelian & jade SOLD


Cross brooch / silver kokako, MoP star & jasper heart

Silver, mother-of-pearl & red jasper $900


Cross brooch / stylised MoP dove & jade heart

Silver, mother-of-pearl, jade & carnelian $900


Cross brooch / frigate bird, cloud & flower

Silver & mother-of-pearl SOLD


Cross brooch / kaka & flower w/ gold center

Silver, fine gold, mother-of-pearl, carnelian & malachite $900



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